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Derrick makes $2150 In first week

Derrick knew he wanted a business and knew there was money to be made working on the forever evolving world of cars so he joined Tint School Online and after just 6 months! His business is thriving!

Jesus Noyola makes $3,467 in first week

From car detailer to $100k business owner: Jesus Noyola turned his passion for window tinting into a successful business using our course. See his first week of success in this video

Factory worker makes $3155 in first week

In this video Elliot travels to Kansas to help Antwann Set up his brand new mobile tint business. Elliot filmed everything he did to build this new business and made it into a bonus course which is 17 tutorials and 3 hours long for all the Tint School Online members to follow along!

A Normal Day For A Window Tinter

Curious about a window tinter’s potential earnings? Follow along a typical day in their life and see how their skills can translate to profits. From setting up their work day to working on a range of projects, each with careful attention to detail, window tinters have the potential to earn a lucrative income.

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Our members have expressed their love for Tint School Online and shared positive reviews about their experience. They have found the platform to be engaging and effective, with quality content and knowledgeable instructors. Overall, our members are satisfied with their Tint School Online experience and would recommend it to others.

All American Window Tinting - Fort Worth, TX

Screenshots from our Facebook group, you can see Tom’s journey from his first car to his most recent, where he now boasts $4000 days after completing our course. We are thrilled to have played a part in Tom’s success and to see the impact our program has had on his career as a business owner.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$4,119 In One Day

But how did Tom get here? See below

First post, needs feedback

New shop signed for and first day $900

So busy with work!

$1209 day! Not bad!

$12,4200 month! Great going!

$950 before lunch?.. Show off :)

$69,778 in 3.5 months tinting!

$4,119.35 in one day!

New year, new shop!

Another great success story proving our course! When will you start yours ?

Turning Lane Tint - San Diego, CA

With little to no previous experience, Chris started a mobile tinting business and now earns over $1000 a day by following the guidance of Tint School Online.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$4890 In One Week

How did Chris get here? See below

Asking if their is potential as a mobile tinter

“I’m loving the mobile life”

First $1,000 day on the books!

$1,270 in a day tinting

$960 in 5 hours tinting

$1,550 day tinting windows mobile

$4,890 in 1 week “barley working hard”

Chris is waiting for your success story to start! Join today and start your own mobile tint business

Factory Tint - Ohio

CJ Calhoan started tinting part-time on weekends and eventually quit his job to pursue a full-time career as a window tinter. He enrolled in Tint School Online’s program to learn the trade. With dedication and hard work, CJ was able to grow his business and now earns almost $200,000 a year in revenue from his window tinting business.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$192,170 In One Year

How did CJ get here? See below

First post in the group

“$980 after regular job”

Ready to go full time! June 1st

$1726 in one day!

$5,519 in first full time week

Investing in a film cutting computer 

$450 for 45 minutes work

$21,170 in a single month

$192,170 in one year for 1 person

What will you success story look like? CJ and 2500 other members await you!

Texas Tinted - Texas

Mauricio Chapa started his journey in the window tinting industry part-time, with no prior experience. With the help of Tint School Online, he was able to turn his passion into a full-time career and now owns a highly successful and well-known mobile tint business, Texas Tinted. 

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$7500 In One Week

How did Mauricio get here? See below

$1784 in one day tinting windows

$200 in 20 minutes work

$646 in just 2 hours tinting

Another $600 in 2 hours tinting

A bit of friendly jokes within our private group!

$7500 in one week tinting 

Mauricio is a skilled and supportive member of our community and he awaits you in our group!

The Tint Studio - Omaha

Jeremy joined Tint School Online to pursue life as a mobile tinter, he got so busy that he was forced to get a unit where he could make even more money!

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$6,774.74 In One Week

How did Jeremy get here? See below

Jeremy’s first post

Finished his first tint job

After getting so busy, Tint Studio now has a home

$3496 in 1 week – “part-time”

$2196 in 1 day tinting windows

$6,774.74 in a single week

$24,346 in 1 month! Jeremy keeps growing!

Jeremy and 2500+ other members await you and your new business in the program

2500+ Members

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

Choose a success story below

Our Facebook edition success stories are real-life proof that following our course can lead to remarkable success. Become our next success story by unlocking our course today!


our biggest deal ever! save $500!!

The Tint Co - San Diego, CA

Dario purchased our tinting course train with his team. With the knowledge and techniques he gained, Dario was able to start and grow a highly successful tinting business in San Diego. We are proud to have played a role in Dario’s success story and to see the impact that our program has had on his career as a business owner.


The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$280,350 In One Year

How did Dario get here? See below

First post in the group

$900 day”

$3,495 in one week

$14,080 in one month!

$16,000 next month (it is growing)

$21,640 still going!

What will you success story look like? Dario and 2500 other members await you!

All-Star Tint - South Carolina

Despite having no prior experience in the window tinting industry, Sula Xiong was able to launch a successful business with the help of our course. Tint School Online provided Sula with the comprehensive training and support he needed to become a skilled professional in window tinting. We are proud to have played a part in his journey and helped him achieve his goals.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$120 an hour

How did Sula get here? See below

3 Cars in a single day $$$

Training his wife to help out

$950 for 3.5 car tints

“Safe to say i make $120 an hour”

Sula is getting BUSY!

“Learn the course” – Becoming a premier tint business

“This is what dreams are made of”

Sula now operates one of the busiest tint shops in South Carolina! Follow Sula’s dream and start your own with our course.

Top Notch Tint - Yulee, FL

After completing a physical tinting course, Joshua found that he had difficulty retaining much of what he learned. Frustrated by his lack of progress, he turned to Tint School Online for a more effective and personalized learning experience. With the help of the online program, Joshua was able to improve his skills and knowledge significantly. He then founded Top Notch Tint, which has since become a highly successful business, earning Joshua more than $20,000 per month

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$23,233 In OneMonthk

How did Joshua get here? See below

2nd paying customer on the books

Improvising for his home tinting business

Left his job to go full time as a tinter!

“$1,000 days and more”

$1875 day tinting windows

$23,233 in 1 month tinting windows

Joshua awaits you in our private group where your success story awaits you!

Notorious Tint - Mesa,AZ

Mike Morris began his tinting journey with the aim of escaping the stresses of traditional employment. Despite lacking prior experience in the field, he joined our team and has since grown to become a successful business owner. Today, Mike operates Notorious Tints out of his own 2000 sqft unit in Mesa, Arizona

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$4250 In One Week

How did Mike get here? See below

The Tint School Online starter pack is in

First window tint after finishing modules 1-4

$4250 in one week – Followed the course and signed up another garage as an affiliate!

$500 in just 4 hours!

$1000 in one day tinting!

$1000 in one day tinting!

A surpise meeting from Elliot!

Mike Morris awaits you in the private Facebook group where your success story starts

Black Widow Tinting - Anderson, CA

Evan was tired of working a 9-5 job and wanted to start his own business, but he didn’t know where to start. That’s when he discovered Tint School online and saw the success stories of other graduates. He decided to enroll in the program, and now he is the proud owner of Black Widow Tinting. We are delighted to have played a role in helping Evan achieve his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$950 In One Day

How did Evan get here? See below

First post in the group!

Evan as excited as ever has a new shop!

Follow the course, we know what works

Competing with other tinters in the group!

$950 day tinting!

Evan has found his dream life, will you start yours!

Tint Genius - McDonough, GA

Keith Fraley bought Tint School online to train his employees and now owns a multi-million dollar tinting business, thanks in part to the skills he learned from the course.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

20 Cars A Day

How did Keith get here? See below

First post in the group

The dream team has been formed

20 Cars a day, but always learning

Team building, appreciating the business

Keith is waiting in our program to watch you and your success story.. Where will it take you? 

Beast Auto Tints - Chicago

Miguel Maldonado joined Tint School Online with zero experience in window tinting! Now he is one of our best motivational members making upwards of  $1,000 a day.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$2910 In 5 Days

How did Migeul get here? See below

Start of the journey
Beast Auto Tints Is Born..

First post in the group

9 cars booked already! Follow the course

$875 Day – Just 3 cars tinted

$1470 Day – Miguels getting better

$2,910 Week – “Only 4-7hr Days”

$1,300 Day – “Only 5 hours”

Ready to join Miguel and over 2500 other successful students on Tint School Online? Click the purchase button and start your journey towards success today!

Lonestar Window Film - Pampa, TX

Jordan was initially hesitant about Tint School’s legitimacy and even commented on one of our Facebook posts about it. However, he eventually decided to enroll and now runs his own tinting business that brings up to $6000 a week. It’s wonderful to see how our program has helped Jordan overcome his doubts and achieve success as a business owner.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$6000 In One Week

How did Jordan get here? See below

New mobile trailer ready to go

“$350 in 92 minutes”

$900 for the day”

$450 in 2hrs 12 minutes

“$6,000 week”

At first he thought it was a scam, now he makes up to $6,000 a week! Your journey awaits you

Automotive Restyle - Boardman, OH

Kenny started Tint School Online with high expectations after seeing the success stories! Now he owns a 5000 sqft unit an Ohio and operates his successful tint business with multiple employees.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$19,970 In One Month

How did Kenny get here? See below

Kenny’s first post in the group!

“Another $1900 week”

“$3370 in 1 week”

$1401 in one day tinting!

$19,970 in one month tinting windows!

Getting busier, the journey has just started!

Kenny and 2500+ other members are waiting for you in our private Facebook group!

Onyx Tint - Ashland, KY

Our course helped Aaron, who had no experience, start his own business and now he earns over $4,000 a week.

The Path To Success
Facebook Edition

$5902 In One Week

How did Aaron get here? See below

First ever post. “excited to learn”

Deciding on a new logo

$720 for one job

$792… “Another great day”